Press Release


    Published By: m108 e-kart private limited
    Gujarat is launching its first and foremost indigenous online pharmacy. Ordering medication is just a tap away. Buying medicines through window shopping is now as hassle-free as buying clothes, food or anything online. This online mode of pharmacy is a sure shot solution to all the fuss of standing and waiting in a queue at a chemist’s shop. The online platform of the pharmacy also offers miscellaneous simple and effortless attributes to the users cum patients. The portal keeps a regular check of the patients’ health by maintaining a record of health check-ups, medicines reminder, online appointment of a doctor, etc. Arlen Specter has rightly said that there’s nothing more important than our good health-that's our principal capital asset. The company also mentioned that their website and mobile application is age-friendly. From a kid to an old age man, everybody can trolley themselves smoothly throughout the portal. Having said that, getting medication is not a waste of money or a way of profit-earning for the hospital rather it is an investment for your healthy future. The store also caters products related to skincare, supplements, cosmetic, OTC, grooming, personal hygiene, and much more. The most beautiful thing about the brand’s name is the composition itself. The crux of the brand name is crisp and to the point. ‘m’ stands for medication and ‘108’ stands for the emergency helpline number for health. Moreover, the company is all about healthiness and fitness along with happiness because they believe with happiness comes good health and now with ‘m108’ comes good health right at your doorstep. On being asked where do they see themselves in the next five years, the company said that they are looking forward to open 108 or more stores state-wide.
  2. The good health is coming your way on Saturday, October 23, 2021 at #36, Pearl Plaza, Nr. Laxmi Villa-2, Nr. Haridarshan Char Rasta, Nr. Sandipani School, Nava Naroda, Ahmedabad 382 330. Gujarat. The company is offering flat 20% off on all medicines in the store to each and every walk-in customer along with assured gifts to everyone who visits the store on the premiere day. The company is launching its first ever local pharmacy store and the online store will be opened shortly. This health application is a must for every Gujarati as it offers quick delivery and trusted medication along with prescription. You can book the appointment for the specific doctor as per your preference on their portal. All the information shown on the website and mobile application are solely penned down by the concerned authorities and the customer service of the company is all open for all its customers. Since this is Gujarat’s home-grown brand, so for now, only the local people of Gujarat can access both the online and offline pharmacy stores. Soon the company is planning to launch their franchisee in other states too or probably pan India. The prime target of the company is to render well-being and happy life. Thereupon, do not miss even a single chance for the handout of loads of healthy wealth and easy-peasy life and always remember m108 offers medicines with care.